What are the Kayak Power Meter and the Kayak Power Meter Pro?

The Kayak Power Meter & the Kayak Power Meter Pro are the world's first kayaking power meters for kayakers.

Attach your blades to the carbon fiber, adjustable, split-shaft of the Kayak Power Meter (Pro) and your power output, power balance (left stroke vs. right stroke) and stroke-rate will be displayed in real-time on an ANT+ display e.g. Garmin Forerunner 310XT, Samsung Galaxy S3, Garmin EDGE500 etc.

The Kayak Power Meter (Pro) works exactly like an ANT+ cycling power meter. Use the product with an ANT+ head-unit and you can record your power, power balance and stroke-rate alongside your boat speed and heart rate. Software such as Garmin Connect™ or TrainingPeaks™ can be used to view your data and analyze your performance.

How stiff is the shaft of the Kayak Power Meter (Pro)?

You have a choice between two standard shaft types of different stiffnesses - allowing you to select a shaft stiffness that suits you best. Alternatively, if you have a specific stiffness requirement you can choose to send us a shaft - we will then use this shaft for your Kayak Power Meter (Pro) order (conditions apply).

What displays/head-units are compatible with the Kayak Power Meters?

The most popular options include the Garmin™ EDGE500, EDGE510, EDGE800, EDGE810 and EDGE1000; Garmin™ Forerunner 310XT and 910XT; Samsung™ Galaxy S3, S4, S5 and Note 3; Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit 2 S; Sony Xperia™ Active, Z1 and Z Ultra. Visit the ANT+ directory for an up to date list of all compatible products.

Will my existing blades fit the Kayak Power Meter shaft?

The Kayak Power Meter (Pro) is compatible with blades from most blade manufacturers including Bracsa, GUT, and Jantex. A key requirement is that the blade is designed to fit a circular shaft.

There is a good chance that your existing blades will fit a Kayak Power Meter (Pro) - but if you are unsure, simply send an email with your blade type to and we will let you know.

What does a purchase of a Kayak Power Meter include?

  • a two piece adjustable carbon fibre shaft
  • two USB charging cables to charge both Kayak Power Meter shaft pieces simultaneously
  • a hot glue stick for attaching your blades to the Kayak Power Meter shaft
  • Windows desktop software to enable you to change the settings stored on the Kayak Power Meter