Sea Eagle 330 Review | Sea Eagle 330 VS 370

Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe w/Paddles

The Sea Eagle 333 inflatable kayak is also called the SE330. The boat is designed for two paddlers. This model is popular inflatable kayak choices offering numerous kayaking options. Here are reviews for SE330. We have already introduce se330 in best inflatable kayaks for beginner

My Experience With a SE330

When my 2017 summer of whitewater fishing was over I was craving more paddling. The inflatable kayak seemed to be the perfect option if I wanted to enjoy a recreational paddle. I looked for an inflatable kayak that would suit me. I purchased an inflatable kayak Sea Eagle330 in June 2018. I took the boat out to several lakes in Wisconsin and one reservoir in Utah in about one hour. While the SE330 can comfortably accommodate two people, I have done so alone.

Sea Eagle 330 vs 370

The Sea Eagle 330 and Sea Eagle 370 share an identical sports kayak name. They’re very similar inflatable kayaks and half the specifications are identical. While a half-differential variant may appear somewhat similar, most of these result in additional length in SE370s.

Sea Eagle 2 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

Sea Eagle 3 Person Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak Canoe w/Paddles

#High Demand

  • Item Weight – 44.25 Pounds
  • Capacity – 2 Person
  • Weight Capacity – 650 Lbs

Why I chose the SE330 over the SE370?

I had flipped around with this SE330 as my preference before I bought the SE370. The idea for a kayak was to have a solo paddler or tandem paddler. The SE300 is a much more compact tandem version but the SE350 is a more stable version that allows for the best tandem and the SE350 a better tandem. So I just placed greater emphasis on solo paddling (although I am testing their tandem paddling abilities), lighter weight and less price.

Purchase and initial setup

There’s excitement for purchase or delivery when it’s sent followed by some setup which can be frustratingly tedious. With an inflatable kayak the bulk of your work is done so it will be well maintained.

Transport Bag and Portability

Inflatable kayaks are easy to carry with them. Inflatable kayaks are lighter because they are compact and compact. Another half of this equation is the bag and how efficient it is to transport.

How easy is it to carry the Packed SE330 Transport Bag

These luggage is certainly not intended for long travel times. Its sole – loose strap is evident. There are no backpacks. I’ve tried a couple times and have traveled about a mile on the trip to and from lake entrance points. Usually if I changed hands and moved my arms often I felt my straps and shoulders rubbing. Sea Eagle sells separate backpack models so it might make the purchase worthwhile long term.

How well does everything fit into the SE330 Transport Bag?

The SE330 is regarded as the first rule in a kayak transport case: everything can be there. When folded the inflatable kayaks will be placed horizontally in the transport pouch. From here the bag has room for other parts (sea-bags, valve caps, valve pumps, paddles, and more). I also usually pack a life vest there so space is no problem.

Inflating and Deflating

The inflatable kayak process involves inflating and deflating multiple times in the air, assembly and disassembling, packing and unloading the product and packing in an easy manner.

How well does the SE330 deflate and pack up?

The ability to fully remove the cap valve along with the golf ball valve openings make deflation easy for the SE330. While you may need to remove valve caps from a valve, you can easily remove them from the valve and let them release the air first. How well an empty SE330 is stored can determine the effort. How it folds up the air still inside (seek none!) and how you put everything back inside the carrybag makes a difference. It has a tight fold with little air left, and the correct packaging can easily be achieved on SE330s.

How efficient is SE330 Inflation Process?

Inflating each compartment on the SE330 inflatable kayak is easy. When you open the bag you will see a time between 10 minutes and 15 minutes depending upon the individual. It contains 5 compartments for an inflatable kayak with 2 seats and valve caps. The foot pump is easily accessible and efficient, and the paddles work well.

FAQ’s About SE330

Are Sea Eagle boats any good?

The Sea Eagle 9 inflatable raft is a great option to buy if you are interested and want to go beyond fishing. It’s equally good for recreational float-fishing, flying-fishing or lake fishing if smartly installed as a vehicle mount.

How much does Sea Eagle 330 weigh?

Sea Eagle 330 inflatable boat weighed just 26 lbs. The pack is tiny enough for the trunk of the smallest vehicle. This kayak is rugged enough for 2 persons to carry and can be paddled by 1 person.

Is Sea Eagle a good brand?

Sea Eagle is an inflatable boat manufacturer that is primarily a boatmaker with ties with boats of all kinds. It is a well-respected brand that offers a three-year warranty on every kayak and boat as well as a money back guarantee of a maximum of 180 days. The inflatable boat uses it a lot.

Is The Sea Eagle 330 self bailing?

he Sea Eagle 320 / 370 inflatable kayak carries Class III water and is capable of handling most rivers a recreation floater uses. Unlike almost every inflatable kayak for recreational use, Sea Eagle Sports kayak series is auto-bailing.

What are Sea Eagle kayaks made of?

Sea Eagle uses a variety of different types of material for the products 1000 and 1300 polyester reinforcement that can be used with claws of hammers and a 38-millimeter poly-Krylar (K80-PVC) that has less strength.

Where are Sea Eagle kayaks made?

Sea Eagle was founded by Americans. American companies… Almost all of its 30 inflatable boat designs and products are manufactured and sold in China. And this will lead to increased taxes on goods imported from abroad. From Monday, the tax will increase 10 – 15 percent to 26 – 20 percent.

What material is Sea Eagle kayak?

Sea Eagle uses two materials in its products: the 1000 polyester reinforced fabrics which stand up to the hammer claws.


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